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The Driving Force Of Change——Talk About The Matching Between Frequency Converter And Motor
- Jan 11, 2019 -

The driving force of change——Talk about the matching between frequency converter and motor

The small D and Ms engaged in market development have a good relationship. I recently talked about one thing: the customer wants to replace all the supporting motors of the equipment with the variable frequency motor, but he can't decide, and he is worried that it is difficult to get the expected return.

In fact, the crux of the customer's hesitation is that they do not understand why the inverter is used, and the inverter power supply will bring about changes in the motor application. Here Ms. Participate in a special talk about the inverter for the motor, and how the inverter can bring subversive changes to the motor application.

Motor drive overview

The inverter for the motor is roughly divided into three types.

● Normal function type. The basic v/f frequency conversion speed regulation function can be satisfied in general applications where the speed regulation accuracy and torque control performance are not high.

● Highly functional. V/f frequency control with torque control function, hoist constant torque load is commonly used.

● Vector control or direct torque control type. Vector control inverters must be used for high-performance applications such as steel rolling and papermaking that require high dynamic performance.

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