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Steps To Handle Motor Vibration
- Jan 10, 2019 -

Steps to handle motor vibration

1. Disconnect the motor from the load, test the motor for air, and check the vibration value.

2. Check the vibration value of the motor foot. According to the national standard GB10068-2006, the vibration value at the foot plate should not be greater than 25% of the corresponding position of the bearing. If the value exceeds this value, the motor foundation is not a rigid foundation.

3. If there are only one or four diagonal vibrations of the four feet, the loosening of the anchor bolts will cause the vibration to pass, indicating that the underfoot is not properly ground, and the anchor bolts are tightened to cause vibration of the base. Put the foot on the ground, realign the centering and tighten the anchor bolts.

4. Fully tighten the four anchor bolts on the foundation. The vibration value of the motor still exceeds the standard. At this time, check whether the coupling of the shaft extension is flat with the shoulder. If it is not flat, the shaft is extended with extra keys. The exciting force will cause the horizontal vibration of the motor to exceed the standard. In this case, the vibration value is not too much, and the vibration value can be lowered after docking with the host. It should be convinced to use the user. The two-pole motor is installed in the semi-key in the shaft extension keyway according to GB10068--2006 in the factory test. Excess keys will not add extra excitability. If you need to deal with it, just cut the extra key to the length of the general.

5. If the vibration test of the motor is not exceeded, the vibration of the load is exceeded, there are two reasons: one is that the deviation is large; the other is the residual unbalance of the rotating part (rotor) of the main engine and the residual of the rotor of the motor. The phase of the unbalanced quantity overlaps, and the residual unbalance of the entire shaft system at the same position after docking is large, and the generated exciting vibration force causes vibration. At this time, the coupling can be disengaged, and any one of the two couplings can be rotated by 180 ° C, and then the vibration of the test machine can be lowered.

6, the vibration vibration speed (intensity) does not exceed the standard, the vibration acceleration exceeds the standard, only the bearing can be replaced.

7. Due to the poor rigidity of the rotor of the two-maximum power motor, it will be deformed without using the rotor for a long time, and may vibrate when it is rotated. This is the reason for the poor storage of the motor. Under normal circumstances, the storage of the two-pole motor. It is necessary to drive the motor every 15 days, and at least 8 turns per turn.

8. The motor vibration of the sliding bearing is related to the assembly quality of the bearing bush. It should be checked whether the bearing bush has a high point, whether the bearing oil of the bearing bush is sufficient, the bearing bushing force, the bearing bush clearance, and the magnetic center line are suitable.

9. Under normal circumstances, the vibration of the motor can be easily judged from the vibration values in three directions. The horizontal vibration is large and the rotor is unbalanced; the vertical vibration is large, the installation foundation is not flat; the axial vibration is large, and the bearing assembly low quality. This is just a simple judgment. According to the situation on the spot, combined with the factors mentioned above, comprehensive consideration should be made to find the real cause of the vibration.

10, Y series box motor vibration should pay special attention to axial vibration, such as axial vibration is greater than radial vibration, the damage to the motor bearing is extremely great, will cause the axle accident. Pay attention to the bearing temperature. If the positioning bearing is faster than the non-locating bearing, stop it immediately. This is because the axial vibration caused by the axial rigidity of the base is insufficient, and the base should be reinforced.

11. After the rotor is dynamically balanced, the residual unbalance of the rotor has solidified on the rotor and will not change. The vibration of the motor itself will not change with the change of the location and working conditions. The vibration problem can be handled at the user site. of. Under normal circumstances, the maintenance motor does not need to perform dynamic balance check on the motor. Except for the special case, such as flexible foundation and rotor deformation, it must be on-site dynamic balance or return to factory.

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