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Soft Start And Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Applications
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Soft start and permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion applications

The asynchronous motor is driven by the inverter, which not only realizes the stepless speed regulation, but also the motor starting current is controlled within the range of less than 2 times of the rated current, and the starting torque can reach the rated torque of about 2 times. Therefore, the inverter drives the three-phase asynchronous motor without starting problems, and the high-performance soft start is its inherent characteristic.

High-performance permanent magnet synchronous motors, such as permanent magnet motors for new energy vehicles and permanent magnet motors for ship drives, use inverter drives without exception. These types of application inverters are usually dedicated drive power modules with very high integration. The motor body is integrally manufactured to form a permanent magnet synchronous motor system.

The inverter drive expands the application field of the motor, and many design taboos are broken, such as low-speed direct-drive wind turbines as low as tens of revolutions and hundreds of revolutions, high-speed direct-drive spindles of up to tens of thousands of revolutions, and special motors for automobile drives. Wait. With the application upgrade and the continuous refinement of professional requirements, the inverter for motors must be developed in the multi-dimensional direction of high-performance general-purpose, special-purpose mechatronics and intelligent high-level applications, and promote the motor design concept and motor manufacturing innovation. upgrade.

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