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New High Temperature Autoclave BLDC Motor Controller
- Dec 06, 2018 -

New high temperature autoclave BLDC motor controller

Portescap introduces the new CNT1530, a high temperature autoclavable brushless DC motor controller for driving large orthopaedic handheld motors. The controller leverages Portescap's market-leading high temperature autoclave technology and surgical application expertise to provide a reliable, customized solution for the orthopedic market. This new controller helps improve the performance and reliability of handheld surgical tools and bring your applications to market as early as possible.

The CNT1530 controller uses the latest Hall effect sensors to identify speed and steering. This design has excellent reliability due to the elimination of mechanical components. In addition, the electronic components are packaged in an aluminum casing and filled with silicone grease to protect the board in harsh environments such as sterilization and high temperature autoclaving. The controller's input voltage range is suitable for a variety of battery-driven applications. The small form factor allows the designer to place the controller in the tool handle to create an ergonomic design.

The new BLDC controller is compatible with Portescap's large orthopaedic motors. The solution can be tailored to the needs of the partner.