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Is The Single-phase Motor Resistance Start Different From The Capacitor Start?
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Is the single-phase motor resistance start different from the capacitor start?

The single-phase resistance starting asynchronous motor has its stator embedded with a main phase winding and a secondary phase winding, the two windings and the axis being at an electrical angle of 90 degrees in space. The secondary phase winding is generally connected to an external resistor through the beginning of the centrifugal, connected in parallel with the main phase winding, and connected to the power supply together.

When the motor starts to reach the speed of 75% to 80% of the synchronous speed, the centrifuge opens, the contact of the centrifugal switch piece is de-energized, and the secondary phase winding is cut off to become a single-phase motor. In the AC micro geared motor, when the stator winding passes the alternating current, the armature magnetomotive force is established, which has a great influence on the energy conversion and running performance of the motor. Therefore, the single-phase AC winding is connected to the single-phase AC to generate the pulse magnetomotive force, which can be decomposed into two rotating magnetomotive forces with equal amplitudes and opposite rotational speeds, thereby establishing forward and reverse rotations in the air gap. Magnetic field and.

These two rotating magnetic fields cut the rotor conductors and generate induced electromotive forces and induced currents in the rotor conductors, respectively. Single-phase asynchronous motors have low power and are mainly made into small motors. It is widely used, such as household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, electric fans), power tools (such as hand drills), medical equipment, automated instruments, and so on.

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