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How To Test The Motor Moment Of Inertia
- Jan 11, 2019 -

How to test the motor moment of inertia

There are many methods for measuring the moment of inertia of the motor. Different methods are suitable for different motors, and the measurement accuracy is also different. In the previous tweet, we introduced the calculation method and the single wire method to measure the moment of inertia. Today Xiaobian talks with everyone about the other three commonly used methods: double wire method, auxiliary pendulum swing method and no-load deceleration method.


Double wire measuring method

Compared with the single wire measuring method, the double wire measuring method has the advantages of low test cost and high accuracy, so the practical application is more, but the installation is more complicated.

●Rotor suspension requirements

The rotor of the test is suspended vertically under a bracket with two wires of the same length, so that the axis of the rotor under test is kept in the vertical direction. The length of the steel wire should generally not exceed 2 meters, the purpose of which is to reduce the change in the length of the steel wire caused by the torsional oscillation. For ease of installation, the distance between the upper and lower ends of the wire can be unequal. The principle of wire diameter selection is the same as the single wire method.

Assisted pendulum swing measurement

For the motor rotor or the larger rotor that has been installed as a complete machine, the auxiliary inertia of the auxiliary pendulum swing can be measured. This method is easier to operate but less accurate. In order to check the accuracy of the test, the moment of inertia of a rotor can be repeatedly measured using pendulums of different masses, and a relatively stable value is taken as the test result.

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