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Blocking Current Is Larger Or Smaller
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Blocking current is larger or smaller

● The reason for the large blocking current.

(1) All the reasons for the large no-load current.

(2) The resistivity of the cast aluminum of the rotor is less than the design requirement, that is, the composition of the aluminum is too pure.

(3) Use the wrong rotor and the rotor resistance used is smaller than the applied rotor.

● The reason for the smaller locked rotor current. The reason for the smaller stall current is roughly the opposite of the larger cause.

Large no-load loss

(1) Due to improper assembly, the rotor is not flexible, or the bearing quality is poor, and the grease added in the bearing is too much, so the mechanical friction loss is too large.

(2) A fan with a large fan or a large number of blades is used incorrectly.

(3) The core silicon steel sheet is of poor quality.

(4) The length of the core is insufficient or the stacking is not effective, resulting in insufficient effective length.

(5) Due to the excessive pressure during lamination, the insulation of the core silicon steel sheet is broken or the insulation performance of the original insulating layer is not up to the requirement.

Blocking loss is large or small

The reason why the stall loss is large or small is basically the same as the reason that the stall current is larger or smaller.

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