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Wheel motor introduction
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Learn about hub motors

As we all know, new energy vehicles have three core components: battery, motor and electronic control. The introduction of the battery is believed to be common to everyone. In contrast, the introduction of the motor is much less. At present, new energy vehicles use motor drive systems to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy to power the car. Therefore, the drive motor is also one of the core technologies of new energy vehicles. The electric vehicle resource network has introduced the wheel hub motor that has been fermented in the field of new energy vehicles in recent years. I will introduce you to what is a hub motor.

Wheel motor introduction

What is a hub motor? As the name suggests, the hub motor is a motor that directly combines the hub and the drive unit. The motor is placed in the hub so that the motor can directly drive the wheel and let the vehicle travel. Hub motor technology, also known as wheel-mounted motor technology, is one of the most important features of integrating the power unit, transmission and brakes into the hub to simplify the mechanical part of the electric vehicle.

Wheel hub motor technology is not a new thing. As early as 1900, Porsche produced electric vehicles with front wheel hub motors. In the 1970s, wheel hub motor technology was applied in fields such as mine transport vehicles. In terms of passenger wheel hub motors, Japanese manufacturers have been developing technology relatively early, and are currently in a leading position. International auto giants including GM and Toyota are also involved in the technology. In recent years, domestic automakers have begun to develop wheel hub motor technology.