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Vibration reducer with three-phase asynchronous motor
- Jan 12, 2019 -

Vibration reducer with three-phase asynchronous motor

Vibration test is an important test item in the motor test process. The vibration of the gear reducer motor will accelerate the wear of the motor bearing, which will shorten the life cycle of the bearing and cause a lot of noise during operation. At the same time, motor vibration reduces its winding insulation. Therefore, the vibration test of the newly produced motor or the long-running motor can effectively evaluate the working state of the motor, so that the system can continue to operate reliably.

First, the motor vibration test system consists of

The motor vibration test process of the SF87 reducer is generally matched with the motor system test bench. The motor stand can be operated under different working conditions to meet the vibration test under different working conditions in the simulated environment. The vibration test system is generally composed of a vibration sensor, an acquisition and analysis system, the vibration sensor is responsible for sensing the vibration parameters, and the acquisition and analysis system receives the vibration sensor signal, obtains relevant characteristic parameters according to the established analysis algorithm, and simultaneously issues test data. , waveform and other reports.

Second, the motor vibration test limit

The vibration intensity limit mainly uses the maximum value of the three measured magnitudes of the measured vibration velocity, displacement, and acceleration of the square root mean square value in the specified frequency range to evaluate the vibration intensity. The general vibration test system will test and record the current vibration status, speed, shaft center height, measuring point position and other information, and comprehensively evaluate the motor vibration. Different motors have different vibration requirements. The specific test limit standards are generally referred to the “Measurement, Evaluation and Limits of Mechanical Vibration Vibration of Motors with a Center Height of 56 mm and Above for GB10068”. According to several installation conditions, the shaft center height is 56 mm. The vibration strength of the above and above DC and three-phase AC motors shall not exceed the limits shown in Table 1 below.