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Three misunderstandings in the explosion-proof electrical equipment
- Feb 08, 2017 -

I. error: explosion-proof electrical equipment be waterproof

Many people consider, explosion-proof electrical equipment can be explosion-proof, because the shell can prevent the risk of explosion from the gas into its interior, its sealing properties must be very good, to prevent rain from entering and installed outside in the open air use should not be a problem. Actually this is the confusion of explosion-proof electric equipment explosion protection and housing degree of protection concepts.

Therefore, the explosion-proof electrical equipment should not be prevented the vast majority of gas or water to enter the inside, so the explosion-proof electrical equipment cannot be installed directly in an outdoor open space, can not flush its shell. Equipment waterproof performance is determined entirely by the level of protection provided by enclosures, often used for outdoor water-proof electrical equipment enclosure protection rating IPX5 (that is, able to withstand the water instead of water from all directions), explosion-proof electrical equipment purchase must be presented when housing protection class requirements, also be aware that the point is to open fire, explosion-proof electrical equipment shall be resistant to corrosion.

II. myth II: gas explosion-proof electrical equipment can be used in dust explosion hazardous areas

At present, many to dust explosion and dust antiexplosion electric equipment or lack of sufficient awareness of the application whether it is dust explosion or gas explosion hazardous areas hazardous areas, selection of gas explosion-proof electrical equipment. In fact, this is wrong, because the principle of explosion-proof electrical equipment for explosion-proof, explosion-proof electrical equipment enclosure protection rating lower than most gas dust explosion-proof electrical equipment, if the gas explosion-proof electrical equipment for dust explosion hazardous areas, the dust into the device and stacked, which would interfere with the safe operation of explosion-proof electrical equipment. Shell protection grade of gas explosion-proof electrical equipment can be used in dust explosion hazardous areas of increased, but this is not economical, because gas explosion protection flameproof, increased safety features such as being wasted.

III. myth number three: agricultural crush site explosion-proof electrical equipment do not require

This is now a general misunderstanding in vast rural areas. With explosive dust hazards can be divided into the following four categories: explosive dusts, flammable conductive dust, non-conductive combustible dusts and ignitable fibers. Produce dusts that are non-conductive combustible dusts. A case study of rye meal, which the explosion risk indicators with red phosphorus powder metal. Therefore, the crush of agricultural products processing sites of explosion must pay enough attention to the issue, you must use explosion-proof electrical equipment.