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The working principle of natural gas generators and their composition and used in communication base stations
- Dec 06, 2018 -

The working principle of natural gas generators and their composition and used in communication base stations

At present, the backup power supply of the communication base station mainly relies on a small air-cooled diesel generator, and its main fuel is diesel. There are many inconveniences in the use of diesel, such as high quality, high noise, and difficulty in starting. The noise is mainly low frequency noise and has strong penetrating power. The engine runs for a long time, the temperature and pressure are high, and more soot and carbon deposits are generated in the cylinder. The engine oil is also easily oxidized to produce colloid, which has a large maintenance workload and requires frequent maintenance. The exhaust gas contains a large amount of CO, soot and nitrogen oxides, and the particles of the emissions are large, so it is easy to produce "black smoke".

Compared with natural gas generators, natural gas generators can overcome many shortcomings of diesel generators, such as quiet noise reduction, clean gas combustion, less impurities, uniform power, mildness, long service life, and exhaust gas will not form in equipment and equipment rooms. Oil accumulation is recognized as a green energy source. The fuel itself is a gas, it does not need to be vaporized before combustion, it will not adhere to the combustion chamber and the spark plug, there is no carbon deposit, and it will not pollute the lubricating oil, which reduces the daily maintenance and maintenance costs. Therefore, natural gas generators have broad application prospects in communication base stations.

1 How does a natural gas generator work?

The natural gas generator set system is based on the gasoline generator set and is input to the engine cylinder by a dedicated gas passage, so that the engine works to drive the generator to generate electricity.

The natural gas power generation system is fixedly installed in the mobile communication base station, and uses gas to generate electricity, and automatically performs three-phase power supply to the base station equipment according to the intelligent judgment of whether or not the commercial power is equal or not. The whole system forms a relatively closed self-circulation system through the air inlet and the air outlet, which has no effect on the air and temperature in the base station.

2 natural gas generator system composition

The system is mainly composed of a gas generator main engine, an automatic control system, a silent vibration damping system and a gas system.