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the principle of selection of high-voltage inverter
- Jan 11, 2019 -

3, the principle of selection of high-voltage inverter

When selecting high-voltage inverters, the high-voltage inverters of various manufacturers should be comprehensively compared, and should not be misled by some advertisements and articles that are not realistic, and can not be affected by customary factors. When selecting a high-voltage large-capacity inverter, you should pay attention to the following principles: first, reliability and after-sales service; secondly, price; again, the main technical indicators; finally, the delivery period and the reputation of the manufacturer.

4, the conclusion

The frequency conversion speed regulating device is a high-tech product of mechatronics. From the development process and development trend of the inverter device, the power device is still the main representative. Frequency control has high efficiency, wide range and high precision, and complete specifications, can meet a variety of different needs, a wide range of applications, is the most promising ideal speed control method.

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