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the motor vibration sensor selection
- Jan 12, 2019 -

the motor vibration sensor selection

The vibration sensor converts the vibration parameters of the vibration turbine reducer to the appropriate electrical parameters, thereby facilitating the acquisition and analysis of the acquisition and analysis system. At present, the widely used vibration sensor is an acceleration type vibration sensor. According to the principle of the vibration sensor, there are the following types: a magnetoelectric sensor, a piezoelectric sensor, a resistive sensor, and a capacitive sensor. According to the transmission method, it can be divided into: wired and wireless.


Fourth, the installation of the motor to be tested and the distribution of measuring points

In order to ensure the measurement accuracy of the vibration test of the geared motor, no other vibration interference signals are introduced, and the motor should be installed under a very strong tooling. In principle, the motor with a shaft center height of not more than 450 mm can be flexibly installed. When the shaft center height exceeds 450 mm, rigid installation should be adopted.

Free suspension - Suspend the motor on a spring or on a resilient support (spring, rubber pad, etc.).

Rigid Mounting - The maximum vibration speed measured in both horizontal and vertical directions on the motor foot (or on the base near the seat bearing or stator foot) on the hard base or rigid plate. It shall not exceed 25% of the maximum vibration velocity measured in the horizontal or vertical direction on adjacent bearings.

The test point of general motor vibration is tested in two 3 degrees of freedom directions of the motor drive end and the non-drive end. The specific installation position can be referred to the following figure. The total weight of the sensor and its mounting accessories should be less than 1/50 of the gross weight of the motor. .


The vibration sensor should be in good contact with the motor to be tested. The sensor probe can be mounted by magnetic base, glued or screwed. The wireless vibration sensor can also be selected for easy construction.