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Soft starter will be developing rapidly in explosion-proof electrical apparatus
- Feb 08, 2017 -

1 technical content, to further improve and enhance existing products, particularly with regard to structure to achieve a breakthrough, making it safe and reliable performance, beautiful and practical.

2, intensified efforts to develop new products, make the technical content to a new level. Motor starting areas for the time being, the soft start is quietly rising, but in the area of explosion-proof electrical equipment, rarely used (mine has been seen). I believe that in the not too distant future, soft starter in the rapid development of explosion-proof electrical equipment.

3, while the petrochemical enterprise quality is better than mine, but for many electrical load, minimizing reactive losses have been electricity caused a great deal of attention. In recent years, it was found that termination compensation is better than centralized compensation. So, take Terminal compensation of inductive loads such as motors technology, factory explosion-proof electrical equipment can be as soon as possible to keep up with the pace of development in this area in order to reap greater economic benefits and social benefits.

4, today's society is the fast development of science and technology, new technologies come out constantly. In the sphere of electrical appliances, has complete remote control, telemetry, and communications functions, and explosion-proof electrical equipment can do a lot of work to make explosion-proof electric appliance achieve new progress in the field of the control.

5, according to the survey, fever is one of the main causes of the damage of the motor, and motor heat protection, were mostly from the indirect protection of external, relatively speaking, it is not reliable. Explosion-proof motor heating problem, much more serious than General Motors, fundamentally on the motor heat protection, we should proceed in the area of explosion-proof electrical work.

6, there is a lot of explosion-proof electric appliance is equipped with a fuse short circuit protection, but because the fuse installed in the explosion-proof enclosure makes it difficult for us to observe their work status, coupled with discrete characteristics of fuse is likely to cause phase failure, so the fuse should be monitored and found that the fuse at any time in order to eliminate the phase failure.

7, due to today's sensor technology has developed rapidly and, therefore, explosion-proof electrical equipment should make full use of these sensors and realization for temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas, electrical and optical signals in terms of use, further expanded the area of explosion-proof electrical control.

In this new period of development, companies should at a very favorable opportunity, explosion-proof electrical products in China's technology, quality, structure, performance, look to improve a lot. Especially combined with the upcoming licensing work of explosion-proof electrical products production, eliminated a number of backward technology, low quality production enterprises and products, and strengthen industry management, strengthen the quality and technical supervision. Explosion-proof electrical products in China will be developing rapidly.