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servo drive
- Nov 08, 2018 -

(two) servo drive

The IS620N is compatible with the robot controller and has the following features:


1 fast

● The position loop scan period of the IS620N is 250us. In the synchronous position mode, it can support a synchronization position period of 250us.

     Single axis positioning cycle 5-6MS.

● ethercat 100M rate, one frame in the end, single-axis 1US delay, 0.1ms can refresh 100 axes

     For example: engraving and milling machine, drilling and attack center, robot, printing and packaging machinery, etc.


2 high performance

The IS620N has a position loop bandwidth of 1.2 kHz, a position loop scan period of 4 kHz, a speed loop/current loop scan period of 16 kHz, and a fastest positioning time of 5 to 6 ms. Can fully meet LED, LCD, engraving, robot, printing, die cutting and other equipment.


3 precision

EtherCAT 300 nodes 120m distance 15ns synchronization error, ±20ns synchronization jitter, can be very effective in areas where real-time and synchronization requirements are very high, such as printing.


(3) Teach teacher

Parameter setting and programming teach optional optional teach pendant or PC-based teaching software, you can choose according to your needs