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Fire regulations for generators, cameras and motors
- Aug 29, 2017 -

1. rated capacity of 10MW and above, air cooling generator, water turbine generator shall be equipped with water spray, halogenated alkane and other fixed fire extinguishing device. Newly built or expanded generators with a capacity of 200MW or more shall be able to meet the early warning of fire, be able to carry out centralized fire monitoring and fire station remote and on-site start-up.

2. The inlet of the heating inlet and the supplementary air shall be provided with a damper (fireproof valve), which shall be automatically closed when the generator is on fire.

3.when the generator fires, in order to quickly limit the fire development, should be quickly solved with the system, and immediately use a fixed fire extinguishing device. If there are no fixed fire extinguishers or fire extinguishers that fail and cannot be used, all fire extinguishing equipment shall be used in time to extinguish the fire, but no foam extinguisher or fire with dry sand shall be used. When oil is burned on the ground, use dry sand to extinguish the fire, but be careful not to leave the dry sand on the bearings of the generator or exciter.

4. the foundation of the motor, and its peripheral and buildings or other equipment should be set apart from the net spacing of not less than 1m. An electric motor is arranged between the motor and the wall or is arranged in a column. When there is an existing channel on one side, the net distance of the other side is not less than 0.3m., and the distance between the motor and the exposed live part of the low-voltage distribution equipment shall not be less than 1m.

5. when the motor is in operation when combustion occurs, should be immediately cut off the power, and as close as possible to the motor and vents closed and then use carbon dioxide, 1211 fire extinguishers, prohibit the use of foam fire extinguisher and fire extinguishing dry sand. When there is no carbon dioxide or 1211 fire extinguishers, fire hydrants can be connected to spray water guns to extinguish the fire.