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Fire and explosion protection antivirus Home attention
- Feb 08, 2017 -

1, fire: fire when decorating materials. Wood, carpet, fabric, paint and other decorative materials, flammable materials, therefore, the State has strict standards, must be in accordance with the standard requirements matching decorative materials. Indoor ceiling shall be flame resistant material, walls, floors and grass-roots fire or flame retardant materials should be used, in order to minimize the fire risk. Wood for making Cabinet must go through fire prevention.

2, explosion-proof: widely used in decoration of paint, bananas, water, paint and thinner, and is easy to evaporate. Poor ventilation, paint volatilized gas not easily discharged, gathered in the room. Volatile gases mixed with air to form an explosive mixture of gases, the explosion limit is 15%. In this context, meet fire would explode. When the explosion limit is reached, a little attention, pull the light switch or turn on power tools, EDM will bring about serious consequences.

3, antivirus: paints, the main component of waterproofing materials for organic polymer resin, volatile solvent with a lot of the material. When in use, often required diluent into the right viscosity to facilitate construction. These thinner volatile, a large number of dispersed in the air, caused by construction workers blamed for poisoning.

4, prevention: now, the temperature changes frequently, in this environment, the body's immune system becomes less strong. Addition of various pathogenic bacteria and viruses easily recovery in mild weather and started activities on a large scale, so more likely to get colds, and most of the workers on site accommodation, vulnerable to disease epidemics.

5, waterproof: decoration, is a waterproof layer to prevent destruction of kitchen and toilet, and should carefully check whether the waterproof layer in place, there is any damage or repair. Patch after the injection test. If kitchen bathroom location has changed, you must waterproof again. Second, some people in order to repair and alter water and heating systems, decoration of flood conditions a lot. Third, decoration, avoid using running water caused by poor quality pipe fittings.

6, prevention of chapped: avoid putting wood in the vents. In early summer the climate is dry, timber brought into the repair site, to avoid in the vents, as soon as the surface and seal oil. When the wood dried at the vents, internal moisture will rapidly lost, chapped surface, hairline cracks. So for high quality veneer beech wood to do oil, lock the moisture in the wood are not lost. As a side wood line, after the processing is complete, oil seal on the surface as soon as possible.

7, prevention of water loss: wallpaper to natural shade. Families decorate the walls, mostly painted or pasted wallpaper, summer dry climate, wallpaper in paving the former General to be soaked in water, then brush plastic tile. If open Windows and doors, freshly tile wallpaper "drafts" dried wallpaper because of rapid water loss and shrinkage deformation phenomena to occur.

8, prevention of contraction: transformation appears in their housing problems, do not rush to do patching. Spring air humidity, wall, floor, wooden furniture, contained in the water are relatively large. At this time may vary according to the seasons, different temperature, humidity and there were some problems, such as wood flooring shrinkage, panels and gaps between the boards increase, wall and door frames because they belong to two different types of material, shrinkage is different, so the gap may also occur, these are normal phenomena in seasonal transition.