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Explosion-proof motor vibration causes and solution
- Feb 08, 2017 -

Cause of explosion-proof motor vibration for several reasons.

1. mechanical vibration to explosion-proof motor, explosion-proof motor forced vibration.

2. explosion-proof motor and mechanical load on the coupling bolts between the rubber badly worn, or unilateral force.

3. Center for explosion-proof motor and mechanical load calibration is not good, or was explosion-proof motor shaft bent.

4. ground strength is not enough, Foundation with vibration. Ruptured or anchor, anchor bolts are not tightened.

5. unbalanced three-phase power supply.

6. bearing wear, clearance of the bearings exceeds allowed value.

7. poor axiality of rotor and stator, air gap not uniform; or end cap bolt is not tightened; or explosion-proof motor rotor unbalance.

8. the stator iron core Assembly tightly when accompanied by strong electromagnetic sound.

9. the squirrel-cage rotor bar bigger break or welding.