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Explosion-proof electrical industry faces many difficult problems
- Feb 08, 2017 -

At the time of explosion-proof electrical industry rapid development, at the macro and micro level, there exists some unfavorable factors and issues that affect development. From an overall perspective, face external demand, excess capacity and labor costs continue to rise and other difficulties and challenges.

One is to adjust the product structure. To further improve and enhance existing product technology content, especially get a breakthrough in the structure, making it safe and dependable performance, beautiful and practical. Meanwhile, a large number of new technologies, develop new products and improve the electrical properties of the product, strengthen the construction of systematic engineering.

Second is to strengthen its efforts to develop new products, make the technical content to a new level. Technological innovation, is a measure of whether the enterprise has advanced, with competitive, if you can keep ahead of competitors based on the key indicators. With the development of mine-used electric appliance market in China, with information related to the core manufacturing technology application and development, will become the focus of attention. Time to understand core technology research and development of mine-used electric production, technical equipment, technologies and trends, to improve market competitiveness. At present in the field of motor starting, the soft start is quietly rising, but in the area of explosion-proof electrical equipment, and rarely used. Through continuous efforts to promote the application of soft starter in explosion-proof electrical industry and development.

Third, enhance the economic efficiency of enterprises. Although the petrochemical enterprise quality is better than mine, but for many electrical load, minimizing reactive losses, has caused concern in the electricity. In recent years, it was found that termination compensation is better than centralized compensation. So, take Terminal compensation of inductive loads such as motors technology, factory explosion-proof electrical equipment can keep pace with the development in this area, to obtain greater economic and social benefits.

Four is to further enhance the level of product quality. Today's sensor technology has developed rapidly, explosion-proof electrical industry to take full advantage of the sensor and realization for temperature, pressure, flow rate, gas, electrical and optical signals in terms of use, further expanded the area of explosion-proof electrical control.