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expansion module
- Nov 08, 2018 -

(four) expansion module

Can expand AM600 I / O module, AD, DA and other modules

Second, the executive agency

(1) Ontology

Structural members: There are generally welded structural members, or cast structural members.

Q1: Shaft center distance of joints 1 and 2

Q2: Shaft center distance of joints 2 and 3

Q3: Z-axis position coordinate of the lead screw zero point

Q4: Lead of the lead screw

(2) Servo motor

1The core of the motor is our independently developed encoder:

Huichuan absolute encoder works

The system uses the cursor principle to achieve the single-turn absolute position function. Assuming that the first and second grids are 1024 and 1023, respectively, there is a unique fix between the Xth grids of each grating (such as the 1024 grid and the 10th grid of the 1023 grid) that are identical to each other. The phase difference of the range is used to realize the identification of the absolute position, the principle is the same as the vernier caliper. For example, 1023\1024, the phase difference of the Xth grid is: (2π/1023) (X-1) < θ <= (2π/1023) * X. In fact, the absolute position information of 10-bit resolution can be realized by two code channels of 1024 and 1023.

2 Features

1 Absolute encoder resolution is 23 bits, which is equivalent to 0.015 angular seconds.

2 Save mechanical switches and origin.

3 Temperature resistance 120 degrees, seismic resistance reaches 10G

(3) Reducer (deceleration, increase torque)

The high-speed power of the motor, the internal combustion engine, and the like is transmitted through the pinion gear on the input shaft to mesh the large gear on the output shaft to achieve the purpose of deceleration, and to transmit a larger torque.

Type: spur gear reducer, turbine reducer, planetary reducer, planetary gear reducer, RV reducer, cycloidal pin reducer and harmonic reducer

Among them: RV reducer and harmonic reducer are two important reducers in precision reducer.