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Discussion on Frequency Control Scheme of High Voltage Motor
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Discussion on Frequency Control Scheme of High Voltage Motor

With the continuous development of power, electronic technology and computer technology, the AC motor frequency conversion technology has been increasingly perfected and developed rapidly. The low-voltage frequency conversion (below 690V) of small and medium capacity has been widely used. In addition to energy saving and consumption reduction, it has become an indispensable key equipment in the fields of machinery, papermaking, metallurgy, petrochemical, mining, building materials and electric power. However, for the frequency conversion speed regulation of medium and large capacity and high voltage AC motors, in addition to the price factor, reasonable transformation plans or design plans, as well as comprehensive investment and cost performance, have also become factors that restrict its widespread application.

1. Current status of high-voltage motor frequency control scheme

The high-voltage and large-capacity frequency converter is a high-tech with high difficulty and high technical content. The difficulty in development and production is as follows: because the high-voltage inverter has a high supply voltage, but the world's power electronic components have a higher withstand voltage. Low; high-voltage and high-power inverters are technically difficult and require high manufacturing technology. However, it is mainly used in energy-saving operation of fans, pumps, etc., and requires low investment, and the investment is saved by the cost of electricity saving.

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