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Analysis of overheating of geared motor
- Jan 11, 2019 -

Analysis of overheating of geared motor

1. Power failure

If the power supply has a problem, it is common to cause the geared motor to heat up. What happened to the movie? To check whether the three phases are balanced, whether the voltage fluctuation value is greater than or less than 10%, otherwise three-phase unbalanced current will be generated, causing the motor loss to increase and the motor to heat up.

2. Motor overload


If the load is too large or the motor broom will cause the three-phase current to exceed the limit value, the geared motor will heat up. Pay attention to the load of the motor and understand the condition of the geared motor.

3. Phase loss operation

If the loss motor runs out of phase, first find the cause. If you are not sure about consulting a professional, you can't solve it yourself blindly. If it is a small problem, you can solve it yourself.

4. Winding fault

The winding is a transformer with a primary winding and several secondary windings wound around the core. Since the number of turns of each secondary winding is different, the terminal voltages are different, so the multi-winding transformer can supply power to several different voltage consumers. The most commonly used in power systems is a three-winding transformer. It is more convenient to use three three-winding transformers to connect three different voltage transmission systems than to use two ordinary transformers. When the winding fails, it must be repaired in time.

5. Cooling air passage blockage

If the cooling air passage is blocked, the motor will overheat. Therefore, the cooling air passage should be repaired in time to avoid the situation.

Summary: Overheating of the geared motor is generally the above several situations: power failure, motor overload, phase loss operation, winding fault, cooling air passage blockage and other reasons.

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